Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NEW IDENTITY TECHNOLOGY: What do you think the new Iphone S from Apple will be like?

I honestly can't wait for this phone, it finally can take video's, faster speeds, and a lot better Camera! Plus the older one will be at 99$! This new Iphone also has a better battery life then the older versions  which makes it ideal for traveling.

Some the new features are as follows:

  • Voice Control: lets you control your Contacts and music just by saying it, which is a lot more user friendly in my opinion.
  • Compass: tells you what direction your going or standing, could be good for a GPS.

Have a great Summer!


I'm just happy to get out of school for a bit and relax and go to the beach, we ( friends and family) stay at a beach house for 2 weeks to relax. As fun  as this is, to me it gets repetitive after the first
Week. After you do every thing more than once it gets boring, But there's not much i can do about that.

Have a Great Summer!

I'm new to this

Well as the title says, I'm new to this so i may need some help later, but i'll get it eventually.